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photographer, director. #forbes30under30
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Jingna Zhang 张晶娜 (@zemotion) Instagram photo 2 months  ago

2 months ago
Seattle was indescribably lovely. I met so many artists I’ve known online for over 15+ years for the first time in person, and talked about eatpoo, dA, and working on cghub in its early days 😭 I’m happy and sad and inspired by all the encounters and stories, and hope I can do something good with my life and do a better job with the next 15 years. I’m really glad I went to ECCC this time, and hope I can be back again next year. Thank you everyone who took the time to hang out and stop by, you made it such a wonderful experience. #eccc

Jingna Zhang 张晶娜 (@zemotion) Instagram photo 2 months  ago

2 months ago
Old snowday selfie for a snowy day. I’m probably never gonna have blue hair again 😭☃️❄️ Took this on the roof of my first apartment in NYC. Nearly lost my camera to the hailing winds 😂😂😂 @motherlandbooks adventures ❤️ #zemotion #jingnazhang #selfportrait

Jingna Zhang 张晶娜 (@zemotion) Instagram photo 3 months  ago

3 months ago
New work for @harpersbazaarcn with @_chuwong! 🌺 Beyond honored to shoot one of 3 covers by female photographers for a wonderful women’s issue. Thank you Bazaar team @weitian25 @wanggugu @rentyw @frankiezheng for the opportunity and Chu for being an absolute pleasure to photograph! ❤️✨ Photography @zemotion Styling @wanggugu @rentyw @frankiezheng Hair: Ze Nan Makeup: @makeup_danielzhang Production: GK, Lv Ran Dress @chloe #harpersbazaar #chuwong #zemotion #jingnazhang