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An exciting new graphic novel series by best selling author, #caisealmor Sci-fi fantasy/dieselpunk. Chapter 1 out now!👇hit the link for more info👇📓✨

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Chapter 2 to #veilofthegods #graphicnovel #series is underway and is set for release by end of October! I’ve been busy creating unique typefaces to be used as secret languages or codes, planted within the story for readers to decipher 😉 More sneak peeks coming soon ✨👏💥you can check out Chapter one by following the link in bio👆 #scififantasy #comicseries #digitalart #typefaces #secretlanguage #digitalpainting #digitalportrait #storytelling #indiecomics #indieauthor

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Inspirations. These are two pages from Kinkin-sensei’s Dream of Splendor, printed in Japan in 1775 by Koikawa Harumachi. It is considered by many to be the world's oldest modern “comic book”. Visual storytelling using linked sequences of images dates back to ancient times but this was the first time such a sequence was distributed as a book. The Japanese picture books called kibyoshi were inspired by this work, and became very popular during the late 18th century in Japan. #dreamofsplendour #igcomicfamily #comichistory #japanesecomic #comicbook #inspiration #art #koikawaharumachi #mangaart #kibyoshi

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Veil of the Gods is nearing it's completion at last. I've loved creating this graphic novel. I've put so much into this massive work of art. Now all that's left to do is the final tweaking, tuning and editing. It's looking like being just under a hundred pages of story, graphics and adventure. Here's the team from Chapter One. GET YOUR FREE COPY OF CHAPTER 1! Hit the #linkinbio🔥🔥🔥🔥 #countdown #veilofthegods #graphicnovel #bookseries #scififantasy #digitalart #adventure #dieselpunk #freechapter #watchthisspace #strongfemalecharacters #indiebooks #booklaunch

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Unlike the old stories, in life there isn't always an evil character. Nor is there always a good one who comes riding to the rescue on a white horse. Most people fluctuate between selfish and generous, kind and cruel, uncaring and compassionate. And that's about all you can depend on. Calton Mowbray is known for his violent fluctuations. He's lived by his wits for most of his life. He will tell you himself that he was at a distinct disadvantage to begin with. Sharp wits, like profound wisdom, are the reward for surviving, learning and growing. Calton is now an old man. Too late he's realised he hasn't passed on enough learning to the younger generation of his family. So he's taking them on an adventure. He hasn't told any of them yet, but the one who survives best over the coming few months will inherit the vast fortune and estates he has accumulated during his lifetime. And they'll also get the family business... From the very beginning, I imagined Veil of the Gods to be a long running saga with many offshoots and spin offs. Calton Mowbray ( centre ) is a minor character in the early parts of the story. But as the tale progresses his contribution becomes more and more significant. #characterstudy #characterdesign #veilofthegods #graphicnovel #digitalportrait #digitalpainting #daz3d #storytelling #indieauthor #bookseries #scififantasy