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You can be anyone and do anything. Just be yourself and follow your dreams! There is nothing strange to go places, where no one knows you. Sometimes we all need time to find our inner peace or figure out what’s next. In this photo - breakfast preparation somewhere up in the mountains in Croatia. #alwayslearning #betterversionofyourself #theworkstream #personaldevelopment #leadership #personality #adventure #explore #instagood #instanew #instapicture @croatiafulloflife @travelcroatiacr @travel.croatia @croatiatravel_

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People have inhabited almost every corner of the world for centuries. As groups of humans lived and worked together, they develop distinctive behaviors and cultures. It provided the varied and rich tapestry of the cultures of the world. In every culture, there are fundamental standards for social interaction, communication, attitudes towards others, etc. Cultural diversity expands choices, nurtures various abilities, skills, and worldviews, provides the wisdom of the past to implement in future, and introduces the values and principles. It is a source for the sustainable development of countries, communities, and individuals. Cultural diversity is a fundamental aspect of learning about various nations, that contributes to the development of societies but also causes stereotypes, biases, and prejudice. Cultural diversity is a certain form of appreciating the differences between people, that can be based on age, gender, social status, or sexual orientation. It usually refers to religion, language, race, and ethnicity. Individuals from various countries bring new ways of thinking, language skills, and creative solutions. They share the traditions and rituals. Cultural diversity facilitates the learning about various ethnic, religious, or other groups from different backgrounds. For example, it helps to find out about different kinds of food, discover the special traditional dishes, and learn various cuisine peculiarities. Cultural diversity is a perfect way for the cultures to interact and expand. Individuals have a chance to share and compare traditional aspects, ethnic diferences, and behavioral specifics. Cultural diversity is expressed in language and slang, music and musical instruments, traditions and conventions. The present day society can express positive and negative attitudes towards cultural and ethnic diversity and social identity. #betterversionofyourself #opportunitiesawait #theworkstream #selfimprovement #culturaldiversity #alwayslearning more👇👇

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Do everything on time and you will be one step ahead. ⠀ Time management is a crucial capacity in the nowadays reality. We have to learn how to use our time effectively and do not waste the precious minutes on uneven art things. ⠀ It is important to keep the track of time. Don’t be late to your meetings. When you plan your day add 10-15 minutes to each activity just in case and if everything goes as planned you will have an extra hour in the evening just for yourself! ⠀ We will return to this topic in future with a lesson on how to improve the time management skills! #study #studylife #studymode #studygram #studyhard #collegelife #studentlife #collegedays #studyinghard #education #academicwriting #essay #assignment #new #popular #university #photooftheday #workday #easy #chill #rest #student #theworkstream