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This weeks episode, presented by @stealthcamgsm . . I don't even know what to say. It's taken months to build, and ended up in the trash several times. It's impossible to share how much young Baylie meant to Jason. It's equally impossible to share the strain visable on young Baylie dealing with the pain of loosing her father. This weeks episode is about the bond between a father and his daughter, but most of all the strength of one incredible young lady. This hunt lasted 11 days and featured some of the MOST incredible days in a deer stand we've ever seen including the first day having 12 bucks together from small to 150" all within shooting range... at the SAME TIME... Almost like we had a helping hand. . Airing this week on @pursuitchannel and @wild_tv . . . Via @whitetaildean . . #stealthcam #trailcamera #pursuitchannel #canadianwhitetail #deerhunt #bowhunt #deerhunting