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Sonya Skacej (@sonya3150) Instagram photo 1 month  ago

1 month ago
Happy 1st Birthday to my beautiful baby bear 🐻🐻 what a year! I can’t believe you are 1 already!! I can’t wait to give you a giant cuddle and kiss. All my love always, Aunty Sonya and Aunty Jen #neice #love #family #birthdaygirl #babybear

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9 months ago
Poor little Turbo has gone blind over night :( completely blind in the right and partially in the left. I'm so devastated, his the most beautiful puppy who just wants to play all the time and love his family 😢❤️😢❤️ 🤞fingers crossed the vet has good news Monday 🤞 #puppy #puppylove #Turbo #family

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11 months ago
When Jenny goes out to play, Sonya stays home and makes a killer steak!! Rib eye on the bone, sweet potato fries and a small appearance by broccoli #dinnerfor1 #weekendmeals #sogood #feast