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4 months ago
#MyBullet circa summer 1994, somewhere in Europe. Exceprt from one of my last staff letters as CEO of Royal Enfield in 2018 in context to this photograph: “While rummaging through some old photos last week, I discovered this one of my ride across Europe in the summer of 1994 - when I was just 20 years old and quite fearless! I borrowed a Bullet 500 from our UK importer and then spent over a month travelling all over Europe with a bit of money, a few clothes, a tent and a sleeping bag (they are wrapped inside the black garbage bag!). I had very few tools and parts, but at one point I had to disassemble half the engine as it was severely misfiring. I had to re-calibrate the points (how many of you remember that?) and I assembled the ignition wrong, so that it was 180-degrees off - which meant that instead of starting after a kick, it would make a huge explosion after many kicks! I rode alone, staying in campsites and meadows, communicated with people without knowing their language, and had one of the best months of my life - just aimlessly exploring with no goal in mind. That is, till I had a fall on a gravelly roundabout, well north of Paris, with the motorcycle on top of my leg and fuel dripping all over me. I was wedged in, so I couldn’t move the bike. Ten minutes later (felt like hours), 4 helpful fellows jumped out of their beaten up Peugeot to help me. They thought I was asking for a cigarette and tried to hand me a lit one, even as I was yelling ‘No Fumar’ at them to stay away, as I was soaked in petrol! These memories just reminded me of why we do what we do in the first place. To provide an ally for travel and adventure - however purposeful or purposeless the journey is. A journey without purpose can have deep meaning in one’s life, and therefore is of immense purpose in a way. This also ties in with the positioning that we are working on for the Interceptor - pure, simple, aimless fun - doing things just for the joy of it!” #royalenfield #ridepure #yehbulletmerijaan #REBullet

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6 months ago
Last week at the Eicher Motors Ltd Global Investors Meet

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11 months ago
Absolutely delighted that #RoyalEnfield #Interceptor650 got the Indian Motorcycle Of The Year #IMOTY last night, in a year with many strong Indian and global motorcycles as contenders - by an exacting jury comprising most of the top moto journos in India. The Interceptor 650 also got the prestigious @autocar_india Motorcycle of the year award the night before! It's a testament to the appeal of our philosophy of fun, evocative motorcycles with old-school charm and modern underpinning; and the new direction at @royalenfield - on our journey to becoming a truly global brand #RidePure #RoyalEnfieldTwins #ItsPlaytime

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1 year ago
Reviews don't get more special than this. When an accomplished rider, traveller and writer says (about our new Interceptor) 'I could be wrong, but I think Royal Enfield has created my perfect motorcycle', and totally gets our idea and philosophy of keeping our motorcycles pure and simple, so that riders can enjoy the world around them. Thanks Geoff Hill @ghillster. It was great fun riding with you in California #royalenfieldtwins #interceptor650 #continentalgt650 #royalenfield #ridepure #puremotorcycling #pickyourplay

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1 year ago
Wowowow!! @jeff_ware_motojourno ・・・ Riding the GT through the hills of Redwoods, above Santa Cruz. The impressive thing was the bike felt sweet to cruise on like this, but later when we went crazy it handled everything including a ten mile stint flat in top gear, head on tank, touching the rev limiter... such an engaging bike. No bike is perfect but the 650 Twin is pretty damn close. Our ride on Australian roads will test the stability but the loop we were on was similar, some slight weaving and twitching but quickly corrected itself and the trade off is excellent agility. #royalenfield #royalenfieldtwins #interceptor650 #continentalgt650 #ridepure #readyandraringforthetwincc #bikereviewoz #jeffmotojourno #santacruz #california