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US Army Veteran, venture capitalist and fitness professional lookin to make each day better than the day before, not just for myself but for YOU, too!

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2 weeks ago
Many #people #comeandgo throughout your #life . Some leave lasting #impressions and some leave no impression, but every one of those people served their #purpose and were all a part of a bigger #plan. I've gone through countless ups and downs and met thousands of people in my life and I wouldn't change any of it for the #world , because that means I would have never met you! #iloveyou Kirsten Leigh and I could not be #happier any other way! To many many more #adventures together.

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3 months ago
The #sun was starting to set, I was getting weak at my knees but I knew it was the right time. So I looked deep into her #beautiful #blue #eyes and got down on one knee as I pulled out this gorgeous #ring I had bought her and I asked, "Do you want to spend.... The next 18 holes playing with a pink ball or purple ball" 🤣😍😋😘🤗 #minigolf #ringpop #datenight #happycouple

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4 months ago
#congratulations to my amazing best friend Sarah Wild and her awesome husband Bradley Randall. So excited to share this special day with you two! I wish you both the best and look forward to a lifelong #friendship together! Love you guys!