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5 hours ago
NEW YORK THANK YOU FOR A NIGHT I WILL ALWAYS REMEMBER❤️ energy last night was unreal 🤯 i love you guys 😩❤️ #album1 #newyork

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1 day ago
out here freezing my ass off 😬❄️... playing a sold out show in NYC tonight 🖤 i wanna say thank you to every single one of you who came out to the album1 show so far, you guys are wonderful! who’s gonna be there tn?! much love x (pics @haleylan)

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2 days ago
I REMIXED FLY! is it still called a remix if it’s your own track in the first place? anyway come to the album1 tour show if you wanna hear the full version 🙃💙 actually, tag 2 people you wanna go to the show with + the name of the city, im giving away some tickets! #album1 (vid by @haleylan)

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3 days ago
🖤VICTORY🖤 released this song about 3 years ago on @monstercat. super excited about playing it in the new album1 live show :)! who of you guys was already listening to my music when this came out? #dayones #album1 #monstercat

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3 days ago
when i wrote album1 i saw hummingbirds fly around the house at least once a day. i thought i might as well bring one with me on tour ❤️🙂 #album1 #hummingbird (pic by @tessapaisan 💙)

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4 days ago
🧡🌴VESTAL AVENUE🌴🧡 the closing track of album1. i wrote the entire album in a small cute airbnb on vestal avenue, LA. lots of beautiful memories there.. one of my fav moments of the live show. what do you think of the album version :)? xx #album1 (📹 @haleylan)

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5 days ago
💛LIFT ME FROM THE GROUND 🧡 just did 6 shows in a row! we’re currently driving to our next stop in Toronto. After that we’ve got Buffalo, New York and Pittsburgh coming up this week :) who am I gonna see at one of these shows?! Tag two friends and let me know what show you want to come out to and I might put you on the guest list 🕊 #album1 #liftmefromtheground

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5 days ago
a picture of 2 birds🐤🐦 ❤️

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6 days ago
i’ve got voices in my head & i think too much 😌 how about you.. #album1

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1 week ago
am i the only one looking at blue skies dreaming of old times? 💚 it’s crazy hearing you guys sing this song with me when i play it live! wrote it with @bipolarsunshine a couple of months ago. should we work on some more music? 🤔🤔🤔 BRIGHTER DAYS WILL COME #album1