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Sustaining locals and travelers alike with natural delicious foodstuffs. Small batch wine friendly snacks from the heart of Niagara, Canada.

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For International Women's day, I want to give a big shout out to my fellow entrepreneur Jess Bretzlaff of the Bagel Oven. Jess just moved operations into part of our space and I am so thrilled to have her there. For several years now, we have been each others sounding board, confidante, cheerleader and champion. Jess is my Jewish twin lol. While I started out in a church kitchen, she started out in a synagogue. We have both faced lots of challenges along the way and have stared down challenges, set backs and sleepless nights. But we believe in what we are doing and love going to work every day. We have come together in a more significant way to share production space and share resources. Together we are stronger. Fierce. Unstoppable. And *swoon* the bread! ❤❤❤ Our facility has been filled with the smell of chewy bagels and sweet, yeasty challah... you can find her products all across Niagara...and, no question, further very soon. Check her website for more info This is also a shout out all the women who have helped in so, so, so many ways on this journey. I would not be doing what I'm doing if not for them. 😘 I feel I would be remiss if I didn't acknowledge the strong, capable, supportive, totally buying-into-the-dream men we also have in our lives. You guys rock,too. 😍 . . . #iwd2019 #women #womeninbusiness #girlpower #boss #strongertogether #empowerment #bagels #montrealstyle #challah #jewish #bakery #ryebread

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Happy Valentine's day! Especially to these two sweethearts that fill my heart with love every day. ❤❤