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This brings a knot to my throat and tears to my eyes. It brings me to the feeling of deep despair. My own memory of hiding my need for help. And how in that place...when I needed “help”...if I had known how to ask for it, maybe things wouldn’t have gotten so bad. It was once so dark and heavy, I missed out on being able to be a Mother to my new baby. How did I get so far in life and not know how to ask for Help? I know why. The world tells you to hide your depression and anxiety. It’s seen as shameful and a weakness. Or that you’re meant to have it all together and be perfect. We all have different reasons for why...but we all can end up in the same place of pain when we don’t ask for help. We cannot and should not do this life thing and parent thing alone. We are made for connection and growth. We need each other. All the time. We need good food, good friends, good sleep, good meds, good sex, good people, good wine ;) good stuff! And great laughs!!! We don’t need to hide those needs and wants and deserved desires! Especially as a parent. . When I say the word now...Help. It’s so beautiful to me. Why wasn’t it beautiful then? Because I didn’t say it and in turn I couldn’t hear it. . Sisters reading this. Brothers reading this. Anyone reading this. Practice in this moment. Hear this beautiful word and for all the good things that it’ll bring. Out loud...or even a whisper. But say it. Help. Can you help me? I need some help. - Let’s use this word without fear. #Doula #Mothers #Fathers #Parents #People #Life #Help #Help #Love #Pain #Depression #Anxiety #Fear #Practice #Birth #Pregnancy #Baby #Happiness #BabyBlues #Postpartum #Feelings #Moods #Depression #Laughter #❤️