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Huber's Butchery (@hubersbutchery) Instagram photo 2018-11-15 10:09:30

Australian Angus T-bone steak 200+ days grain-fed - Some of you may be confused as to what is the difference between a T-bone and porterhouse. Both are cut from the short loin area of the beef. A center "T-shaped bone" divides two sides of the steak. On one side is a tenderloin / fillet and the other is the top of the loin which is known as the striploin / sirloin. The porterhouse is much larger as it is cut from the rear end of the short loin thus it includes more tenderloin and a large sirloin steak. T-bone steaks are cut closer to the front with little to no tenderloin on the bone and a smaller sirloin steak. The next time you have to decide between a T-Bone or porterhouse, just remember that a porterhouse gives you two different steaks with differing textures. The sirloin portion of the porterhouse is closer to the rump and is not as tender as the sirloin part found on the T-bone steak. Which steak do you prefer?