Pamela Zokli

Pamela Zokli (@lifestylechangewithlelo) Instagram photo 2018-10-26 11:48:12

Aside from Weights & Cardio get fit group I’ll also be mentoring 5 lucky ladies and showing you how to get paid to live a healthy, fit life, while sharing your journey on social media. Reach YOUR fitness goals and help other women reach theirs too. . You don't need to be an expert, super fit, or good at sales.  #aintNoSelling 🙅🏾 You don't need any certifications. You just have to have a heart for helping others and the need to want to better for yourself. . No experience is necessary as training is included. You MUST be hardworking, self-motivated and focused to make a difference in the lives of others. . Life is what you make it but it also helps to be connected to the right people and to be in the right mindset to accept change. Are you ready for change? . Drop an emoji for info 🙌🏾