Elle Bor

Elle Bor (@elleborwriter) Instagram photo 2018-03-02 05:58:29

************************************************************ 📷 @chipsakhoi ************************************************************ Your absence from my funeral never meant that I didn’t die And even then, my coffin was stained with ripples of your goodbye Glass cracked by my own shrieks of my spirit screaming in the afterlife And though my lifeless body lay afloat in the river of tears they all shed for me Your eyes glazed and remained dry The things we never said slaughtered our fire a massacre of cold blood meant to drown me in the hemorrhage of my own pain While your hands slipped away from my grasp Whatever happened to us? How much freedom we had before we learned of love and its heavy tonnage Like losing our minds when we gaze at the full moon a beauty of which we didn’t deserve to witness And at the end of it all, it’s not what you DID Not about the crimes we committed against the world when we ran off towards the whirlwind of our emotions My demise was marked by the things you DIDN’T do to stop me from bleeding... Elle Bor