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❤️🌹💋 FREAK ME IS LIVE!! LINK IN BIO 🌹❤️💋CyberSonicLA cofounder, Sha Sha Kimbo shares a new single, “Freak Me,” and a corresponding remix from Gang Fatale’s TD_Nasty. With a distinct club stomp and a myriad of resounding percussive sounds, “Freak Me” is a flirtatious dancefloor scorcher, perfect for building up the mood. TD_Nasty’s take brings warm melodies and a funky bassline to the track, adding a bit of romance to the night. Spin one, spin both – you’ll be turning up the heat either way. Download: Music Video : iTunes: Apple Music : Spotify : As seen on Ableton's 'One Thing' series: Love and thanks to TD Nasty, Lillia Betz, and Rand Sevilla for their support in making this project happen. SHA SHA KIMBO - TD_NASTY - LILLIA BETZ - RAND SEVILLA - CYBERSONICLA - #BEMINE #FREAKME

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