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A heartfelt thank you to all of our partners and listeners who joined us yesterday to find solutions to ending gun violence. We will continue to support all the brave young people and their fight for safety. Let's keep the conversation going. Love, Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats

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We are playing at Levitt Pavilion tomorrow. It's a rally in support of gun violence prevention. Guns have always been apart of my life. I grew up hunting for food with my father and relatives. I’m still a gun owner and frankly I like to shoot them. We are getting together not to take guns from people or their rights to own them. We are simply trying to prevent unnecessary gun violence. Link in bio.... @the_marigold_project #notonemore #morethanamusician

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“These students are what courage looks like. We are proud to support them in their efforts to ensure that our schools and neighborhoods are free from gun violence. We are partnering with incredible local and national nonprofit partners who have dedicated their lives to eradicating gun violence through civic engagement. We believe that we can find common ground on this issue and keep our children safe. When we see the youth of the world wanting to make change happen, us as their elders need to respond in the correct way and listen. So it is our responsibly to try to learn and to try to create community amongst each other. We need to understand each other better as individuals and as people and other cultures, and continue to make a global community that we can build upon and to continue to have something for our children and our children’s children.” (Link in bio) #NotOneMore #EndGunViolence