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Photo @stephen_matera | Routeburn Flats along the Routeburn Track, South Island, New Zealand. The Routeburn is a popular 20 mile trek through the Southern Alps. There are four maintained huts along the trail, including one right above Routeburn Flats. The trek crosses through both Mount Aspiring National Park and Fjordland National Park. Follow me @stephen_matera for more images like this from New Zealand and around the world. #routeburn #wilderness #lakemackenzie #newzealand

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Photo by @kiliiiyuyan | Dusk envelopes a fishing village in the Norwegian Arctic. This region, despite being inside the Arctic Circle, is moderated by warm currents that keep the sea mostly ice-free. Fishermen here actually benefit from the slow migration of mackerel from the south as the climate warms, but the more important Arctic cod is at risk of a major decline. Follow me, @kiliiiyuyan, for more from the Arctic and beyond. #norway #arctic #climatechange

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Photo by @jimmychin | Pablo Durana casually carries his 60-lb pack, loaded with camera gear, a drone set up on crampons, skis, and axes, in the mountains of Greenland’s western coast. The camera teams and photography directors in the adventure world rarely get the credit they deserve, carrying more weight and often negotiating the same terrain as the talent. Pablo is a force of nature, and I’m thankful to have been able to work with him in some of the toughest conditions on projects around the world. For more images of adventures in western Greenland, follow @jimmychin.

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Photo by @amivitale | Goblin Valley is other worldly. The landscape is covered with sandstone goblins and fascinating formations. The park features thousands of hoodoos, referred to locally as goblins, which are formations of mushroom-shaped rock pinnacles, some as tall as several yards. An emblem of the American West, the area around the park lies within the San Rafael Desert on the southeastern edge of the San Rafael Swell, north of the Henry Mountains. Follow @amivitale for more photos from around the world. @thephotosociety @natgeoimagecollection #savenature #utah #outwest

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Photo by @jessicasample | The Monterey cypress tree tunnel lines the road to the Point Reyes Receiving Station which was originally built for sending telegraphs and morse code back in 1914. For less crowds and golden light visit at sunset on a long summer day. #pointreyes

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Photo by @daisygilardini | After three months spent in a small maternity den, polar bear cubs really enjoy playing in the open. The cubs don’t seem to care about the cold, even with temperatures dropping as low as -40 °C. They love chasing each other and play-fighting. Playing is important as it helps develop the various skills and agilities necessary to survive the extreme Arctic environment. This past March, I had the privilege of observing this family for after they emerged from their den. From the cubs’ behaviour we could guess that one was a male and the other a female. The female was much more shy, always following and cuddling with mama, while the male was always bugging the little sister and biting mama’s ears. A real trouble-maker! It just fills my heart with hope to see these healthy, newborns play so joyfully! Follow me @daisygilardini for more images and behind-the-scenes stories. #polarbear #wapusknationalpark #conservation

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Video by @tobyharriman | My buddy Jussi and I decided to trek one of my inflatable paddleBoards and some camera gear (50lbs) 3 miles out to find this amazing place. After a 1 mile back track from going the wrong way, we finally found a route and set eyes on the most beautiful glacier lake I have ever seen. Paddleboarding here was the definitely one the most surreal moments I have experienced. Music by James Everingham. *Paddling around icebergs or in glacier lakes can and is extremely dangerous as these pools can drain at anytime, please use extreme caution and go with an experienced guide or company. #alaska #alaskastories #natgeotravel #sup

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Photo by @babaktafreshi | A spectacular winter night in southeast Iceland with storm-level northern lights dancing in the sky. Gently lit by aurora is a glacier lagoon and an ice-covered volcano in Vatnajokull National Park. The immense wilderness of this park covers 14% of Iceland, making it Europe’s second largest national park. Recently, UNESCO recognizes the park a World Heritage site along with 28 other new sites for 2019. ⁣Explore more of The World at Night photography with me @babaktafreshi. #vatnajökull #glacier #aurora #northernlights #worldheritage

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Photo by @andrea_frazzetta | Petra, the “Rose City” is a honeycomb of hand-hewn caves, temples, and tombs carved from blushing pink sandstone in the high desert of Jordan some 2,000 years ago. Hidden by time and shifting sand, Petra tells of a lost civilization. Little is known about the Nabateans—a nomadic desert people whose kingdom rose up from these cliffs and peaks, and whose incredible wealth grew from the lucrative incense trade. Petra was only rediscovered in 1812, and it continues to spill its secrets. Even now, archaeologists have explored less than half of the sprawling site, and in 2016, with the help of satellite imagery, a monumental structure was found still buried in the sand. It’s no wonder that Petra remains Jordan’s top tourist attraction and one of the most revered of the World Heritage sites. To see more photos from my travels, follow me @andrea_frazzetta #jordan #petra #natgeotravel