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Even on my off days...

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So i just finished trying venus legacy with @the.body.fixer @beautyfixmedspa and Venus legacy is radio frequency for skin tightening & cellulite reduction : I really was interested in trying this bc even though I’m skinny I have cellulite in the back of my legs and when I take pictures it bothers me. It felt like a heated massage really enjoyed it. 🤗

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Sundaze 🕶

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Eat your heart out 🥰

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It’s bed time have a big day ahead of me 😬

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I don’t own rights to this song !! But I had to do it one time for baby girls 40th birthday. R.I.P to Aaliyah who was deff inspirational to girls from my generation. 😂😂😂 this was back in 2009 I was 16 😩😭 the ending though I crushed that 😎 this was when watching music videos till your learned the cardiography was life 💪🙌