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LOTTE VAN EIJK (@lovaeij) Medias

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1 day ago
A romance 💕 last one of the Vday serie in this beautiful set from @fashionnovacurve who gets that fat girls are also worthy of feeling sexy as hell in lingerie xoxo gossip girl

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1 day ago
💕💕 Was I your Valentine dream? 💕💕

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2 days ago
Happy V-day darling!! If you have a crush tell them today, if they feel the same; JEEJ if they dont; you finally know, so you can put your energy elsewhere. If you dont have a Valentine and also dont have a crush, be your own Valentine. Get yourself a box of chocolate, some good wine, put on a good movie or porn and get your sextoys ready. Treat yourself with a nice bath and be kind to yourself! You should do this everyday tho, but if you’re not doing that already start now! I love you 💓 (fit @fashionnovacurve )

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3 days ago
Hey babes, tomorrow is V-day so here are some words for who’s in need of comfort. Vday has become a social accomplishment, the moment you dont have a Valentine on valentines day you feel like a complete failure. This is a social construct, so give it a big fuck you. Here is what I think about vday. Love can’t be forced, love CANT be controlled love is a magical mysterious and beautiful thing in my eyes. I believe that one of your soulmates (i dont believe in 1 true love) will appear when you’re ready. When there is space in your life, when there is room for new energy. When you are whole as a person and have space for someone to celebrate love with you, when you are ready (will make a video about this, can talk for hours about love). So you are NOT a failure if you don’t have a Valentine tomorrow. You are just a person, tricked by society and industy in rushing to find someone to spend all your money on. Spend that money on yourself sis, be your own Valentine. I love you 💕 shot by @kiara.melse

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4 days ago
It’s called fashion honey, look it up.

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4 days ago
@pinkcloveuk In love with these photo’s, because you can see my body, figure, belly so clearly and its’s so sexy. JUST LIKE YOURS! We need to see this way more. We need this visibility. We need this on billboards. ✊🏻 Just saying xoxo gossip girl 😘

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6 days ago
Sometimes I see myself and I’m suprised. I’m suprised by the woman I am today. I’m suprised of how I’m grown, how I act and how I look. I’ve build myself. I owe myself to myself, I did all this myself. And I’m proud. I see the woman I needed when I was younger, I see the woman I always wanted to be. So listen, if you aspire to be a certain way, to feel a certain way, to strive for a certain energy - YOU CAN allright. Never give up on the woman you are or want to be, because one day you’ll look up in the mirror and be like; hey babe, welcome home. We’re here, we made it and I will never let you go again. I love you. 🐲💓 @fashionnovacurve

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1 week ago
I just bought this cute top for 3 euro’s @topshop the sun was shining today and I’m still fat and fine as hell wow. Life is good 🥰