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Currently writing an EP. You should check out my music ✌🏻✊🏻. 813 Glade Street Columbia, TN for that show!!!

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APRIL 14TH AT 11PM I’m playing a show in Columbia, TN with my band. It’s $5 dollars to get in. If you want details lemme know and I will get them to you. I also just released an album with this badass song on it so you should check that out. The link is in my bio. I wanna give a huge shoutout to @danielriviero and @goatfilmers for helping me shoot this clip to grab the attention. He’s amazing with a camera. I need to thank @worthwhilebrand and @steigelman for keeping me fitted in this video. Everyone needs to make life worth while. And lastly thank you to everyone that supports me and enjoys the stuff I make. I would just be a weirdo with a guitar without the support so THANK YOU!!! @lilvapeog is a better producer than all y’all

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I took the red pill. Now I’m back.