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It drives me crazy to hear people complain about getting older. In case you’ve forgot, here are your two options: get older, or die. I made a point years ago to embrace every age. Every birthday is one to celebrate. I refuse to cringe at or to hide my age in any way. It’s a goddamn blessing to be alive, every day is a gift. And it annoys me to hear people say “ouh you’re 30 now, uh oh.” Don’t put your negative views of aging on other people as jokingly as it may be. And don’t put them on yourself either. Here’s a pic of me on my birthday proving to the world that even as a 30-year-old I’m still a superwoman 😂 (don’t try this at home, not because it takes skill at all, but because it really fucking hurts and simply isn’t worth it). . 👙 @flareclothingco 🚲 @rockymountainbicycles 📸 @oatway_productions . @shred_sisters @bc_bud_rub

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If you’re one of the 85% of people who’ve experienced/ are experiencing Low Back Pain, my latest blog post is for you! I hope my personal experience can help you heal in some way. Click the link in my bio to read about how you can heal too.

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If you’re a woman who bikes, you’ve likely been in the situation where you have a flat tire and you also happen to have a random dude behind you who (potentially in good interests) is trying to commandeer the process. I’ve literally had to tell guys before “yo I fucking got this” “I know what I’m doing.” Of course though, these stereotypes weren’t created out of thin air. There’s a shit ton of chicitas out there who DON’T know how to change a flat. Ladies, we’re here to help change the status quo and bridge the gender gap. Changing a flat is the most basic thing you can do to maintain your bike. Not to mention, it’s really important in getting home from your ride. If you don’t feel confident in your skills to change a flat tire, join @shred_sisters at @derailedsports in Golden, BC this Monday for a basic maintenance session and empower yourself with knowledge and tools. Link in bio . 📸 by bad bitch @mp.ride who’ll be there! . @shred_sisters @rockymountainbicycles

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2 weeks ago
As a society, we’re so quick to applaud the brave, the hard-working, the ambitious and the driven. And while it’s cool and all to have these attributes, it’s more important to assess whether they’re intrinsic or extrinsic motivating forces. We often think of the ego being this big and boisterous voice that belts out “I’m better than you because...” but it’s not always so. Often the ego is a soft whispering voice that pushes us to be greater than just mediocre by means of external validation. As a woman who partakes in extreme sports, I often feel a lot of self-imposed pressure to prove that having a set of balls doesn’t make you brave or good at things. And often I wonder if that’s where my motivation to progress comes from. I know it’s not always black and white, but lately I’ve been taking a step back to question my motives. . Am I hitting this drop because it’s going to be fun and make me feel good? Or am I simply trying to prove to the world that girls can do it too? This one for real was just for fun ☝🏼 cute little sender in a loamy forest 😍 but I’d be lying if I said it was also so. I’m learning that progression isn’t always about hitter bigger jumps and drops. And my idea of progression depends largely on what my goals are. When I really think about it, my goal is simple: happiness. Progression towards a happy life is loving yourself even if you don’t want to be a bad bitch that day. Loving yourself even if you do nothing but read books or watch Netflix all day. Loving yourself even if you’re not saving the sea turtles and making shit tons of money and keeping in good shape and maintaining a healthy social life. Loving yourself when you’re not on your grind. That’s what I want to progress towards. Among all your hard work and goal setting, don’t lose sight of what’s important. . 📸 @oatway_productions . @flareclothingco @rockymountainbicycles @shred_sisters @bc_bud_rub

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Your heart knows what you need to be happy. Have the courage to follow it. . Photo of @racheldac in Iceland. If this tempting blue lagoon is on your must-see list, check out my Iceland - wild at heart- Retreat this September 22-29. You deserve it. Link in bio 😘