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Creative Dance Director, Artistic Ideas & Digital Implementations, Web Developer, E-commerce builder
Bachelor of Computer Science.
CEO of @fabasart

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3 hours ago
We are looking for a team of two dancers & bboys from all over JABODETABEK & Bandung. . Winners will receive a wildcard into top 8 to each category to have a chance to win G Shock “Shock The World” Bboy & Dance Battle on December 8th 2018, in Eco Park Ancol. . Post a 30 seconds to a minute video of a group of 2 B-Boys or 2 Dancers #ShockTheWorldJKT #G-SHOCK35thJKT @gshockindo

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1 day ago
Ini dia andalan gue. Introducing the Nokia 6.1 Plus. Nokia yang udah keren dari dulu, sekarang makin-makin dengan fitur-fitur barunya. Udah lengkap dengan OS Android One dan juga display layar Notch yang lebar! Mantep deh pokoknya! Ayok semuanya #SayYesToNokiamobile #Nokia6Plus @nokiamobile

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2 days ago
Buat kalian yang sering meeting online sekarang udah nggak perlu ribet lagi! Gue kenalin nih Nokia 6.1 Plus dengan fitur BOTHIE nya yang keren banget, kalian bisa capture moment apapun dengan kamera belakang dan depan sekaligus. Keren banget kan? Tunggu apalagi guys #SayYesToNokiamobile #Nokia6Plus @nokiamobile

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3 days ago
Yo Remember those Nokia Era?! Nokia is back! Introducing the Nokia 6.1 Plus, andalan nih sekarang udah dilengkapi sama OS Android One dan juga layar Notch display yang lebar banget! Well its time to #SayYesToNokiamobile #Nokia6Plus @nokiamobile

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3 days ago
Big Ups to @febianhidranto for always giving back to the community by having events like #RawMaterials , it was RM that put indo to the next level. I saw the boys and galz kickin it till they have that breakin mentality against foreign bboys. Now RM has been the most rawest hip hop jam in the region and it was such an honour to rock the MIC with the owner of this event. Also Congrats to the launch of @urbain_bali , i hope this event could bring up awareness to the community that the real streetwear brands will always do it right. Was also glad to meet all the international bboys at the event. Its been ages since i haven’t met you all, hope next year we all can unite and cherish the moment again. Last but not least thank you to all sponsors that made this event even more better. @knkrt_bali , @puma.select.indonesia @wildwood.id @redbullindo @urbain_inc And thank you to all the performers and supporters to this event.. i never saw rappers could move such bboys and streetdance crowd like that. Goks!! Ps: keep on kickin it #kreateproject boys and galz and thanks for me and wifey honeymoon accommodation coverings. Jajaja 📸: @buckzn.official