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ALL Mechanical Work
--- SEMA 2018
- Lift Kits
- Lighting
- Color Matching
- Custom accessories

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2 days ago
🚨🚨 please read.🚨🚨 I wanted to clear some things up. We are not just a truck shop. Were not just a lift kit and performance shop. We do It all. 1st pic is a full 12" build on a GMC. 2nd and 3rd pic is a new OEM TURBO on a Chevy Cruze. 4th pic is a timing belt on a Honda accord. And the last kit is a full egr, dpf upgrade kit with an airdog lift pump and tunes. At goodies we work on everything with an engine or wheels. We are technicians. Not just a lift kit shop. Or performance shop. But a quality mechanic shop. The reason we dont post timing belts and intake gaskets is bc it's not appealing. But we do all of that everyday right next to the 100k+ trucks we build on a daily. We also have major contracts with public works, with railroad trucks, and fleet trucks. Anything you need we will take care of

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4 days ago
That custom blue chrome vinyl color matched to the powdered suspension. We offer this to all of our customers. @gofastvinyls with the insane work. Hit em up

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5 days ago
Drag link, alignment and new nitto ridge grapplers for this #alumiduty

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1 week ago
Need train horns? We got you. Need a hitch? We got you Need powder coat? We got you Need lights? We get you Need bumper? We got you