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Celebrating 40 Years :: conservation, restoration, murals & artwork, new design & specialty finishes. #evergreene #conservationsolutions

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One of EverGreene's first projects was a commission to create a cityscape mural in Chemical Bank's New York Headquarters. This was back when OSHA was a bit more lax with their regulations. We are glad to say things have changed. Safety is our number one priority and we work hard to keep it that way. #1978 #CityScape #NYC #ChemicalBank

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As we count down the days until 2019, we'd like to share our a few of favorite moments over the past four decades. This summer we celebrated our 40th Anniversary with friends at Museum at Eldridge Street in NYC, one of EverGreene’s legacy projects. #cheersto40years #EAA40

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#TheaterThursday Swipe -> to see behind the scenes images of the #restoration of the #OhioTheatre Lobby @playhousesquare In 1964, a fire struck the Ohio Theatre in Cleveland’s Playhouse Square and what was once an opulent lobby was now destroyed. All of the original lobby ornamentation, the murals, ornate ceiling, columns, and decorative fireplaces were lost in the fire. EverGreene found the original blueprints and designs of the theater created by #ThomasLamb in @Columbia Avery Drawings and Archives. With these drawings and photographs and an extensive on-site investigation, the original decoration was replicated with full respect to the designer’s original intent. #evergreene #restoration #murals #plaster #theater #cleveland

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Thank you to all for sharing your colorful interpretations of EverGreene's projects celebrating 40 years of #specialtyconstruction & #historicrestoration! We have displayed your artwork in our Industry City Industry City HQ. Enjoy our 40th Anniversary Coloring Books! #EAA40Color

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Congratulations to @arcydubya this week's featured artist! The answer to our trivia question for @mobotgarden is exposure windows are used to complete proper conservation. Say tuned for the next trivia question! #EAA40Color

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Recently, we recreated the floral designs @mobotgarden ceiling & walls. What is the method performed with 2 inch wide strips to reveal the original paint called? Post your artwork & tag #EAA40Color with your trivia answer for a chance to be featured on our feed!