Daniela Riojas

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chicana/mestiza artista 🐍🏜
creative director and singer of Femina-X ✨🔥
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2 days ago
11 years after getting my first tattoos, meditating on what my next one would be but never truly feeling the right time, connection, or instinct - I finally had that rush of total conviction to add a permanent symbol to my skin 🐍♋️💙 And I couldn't be happier with the execution by tattoo artist @marvinlanejr !! This symbol is the life energy of my work as an artist and as a human, the core reason to undergo constant transformation. It's a celebration of the flow of creative manifestation, to find balance within duality, and a reminder that at the end of it all, I'm here to serve. I will wield it with all my best intentions for as long as I'm on this earth. DM me if you'd like to know more about the meaning behind it 🙏🏽♥️✨🌿 #tattoo #tattoodesign #ometeotl #ink #serpent #doubleserpents #sacred #symbol

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5 days ago
I was planning on going to sweat this weekend but a woman on her moon is unable to enter an inipi 🌿📍🍃Her energy during her moon is at its downturn, returning back to the earth - so her ceremony must be conducted on her own. Concentrating back to her origins, the blood is her cleanse. It's a time to pray for renewed strength as she follows the rhythm of her mother. . . raindance 🌿📍🍃aligning bloodflow with the flow of the changing seasons, tropic swells, and the rumblin skies...♥️madre tierra is always speaking. I ask that I be spoken through #rain #ritual #blood #motherearth #earth #energy #body #flow #selfportrait #photography #photographer #houston #texas #artist

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6 days ago
I got my updated DNA test results from ancestry.com and went from 39% Native to 45% 🏜Somehow, the "overview" completely leaves out mentioning the Native history or presence except when alluding to "raiders" that the Spanish were so incredibly "resilient" to 🤔 #DNA #fakestory #natives #were #actual #people #ancestry #lineage

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1 week ago
After weeks of intense research, writing, sketching, soul-searching, ceremony, dreaming, connecting the dots, getting lost in the desert (literally), purging, listening, opening my heart up, praying, and having some of the best conversations and encounters with incredible people, I finally submitted my first big grant proposal to the city of Houston ✨📝🌿 I went deep with the concepts for this new project on a very short deadline, and am swimming in this new, formulating performance where the mestizaje and the afro-latinidad meet. I feel guided and cherished by my community especially my mentor Professor Deliliah Montoya who I'm extremely grateful for. This is just the beginning....no expectations only a calm sense of fortitude...pa'lante! Gracias for the support mi gente!! 🙌🏽 I love you all very much! ♥️ #mestiza #artist #grant #performance #ōme #contemporaryart #collaboration #houston #texas #texasartist

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2 weeks ago
Happy Friday!!! I leave you with this perfect Friday vibes song I made with Bryan Hamilton of @alienswith_halos for @poppistol's Animal Prisms remix record ✨👽😌 "Girl Circuits" 💗

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2 weeks ago
I sat for a tintype portrait for Professor Keliy Anderson-Staley today and wow...I look incredibly Native...🍂🌚I look like my own ancestor