Daniela Riojas

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mestiza artist
joan and wich fellow &
MFA candidate at University of Houston
singer of Femina-X

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I shared my #metoo story a year ago - here it is again

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Thank you for the interview @voyagehouston! 🗞Link in bio "I think a big challenge facing artists today is one of balance. Our political and societal climate has been in upheaval both as a country and as a global civilization. Many communities throughout America, mainly communities of color, have been further disenfranchised and traumatized by our current administration, and as result, artists and activists have been at the forefront of suturing these wounds. This kind of work undoubtedly has negative effects on the bodies and minds of the individuals involved, and questions about our ability to provide solutions (and how) seem to bubble up at every turn of events. Taking hold of social media innovations, independent publishing, and mass communication has been a way to create movements created by the people and for the people despite huge pushback from the political powers that be. Within this push and pull, a balance within us as artists and activists is necessary. A spiritual balance, a balance of health, a balance of immersion in social media and engagement in the physical world, a balance of our place in communities, what role we play, and how to feel empowered by that role within an increasingly complicated, multi-faceted reality we live in." #houston #texas #artist #interview

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Got the official paperwork in and three of my self-portraits "Limpia #1, #2, #3 (2015)" are now a part of the permanent collection at the Museum of Latin American Art! Thank you for your support and all that you do as an institution @molaaart ! Overjoyed. 🙏🏽These were shown in a exhibiton at the museum earlier this year alongside the late Cuban artist, Ana Mendieta, and very happy they will now remain there. “Limpia is a triptych photo documentation of the Mexican-American practice of utilizing the egg to cleanse the body of mal-intended energy passed on to a person by other people's gazes, also known as 'ojo.' The traditional practice involves a curandera [female healer] passing an intact egg over the body to absorb the bad energy.” In Riojas' depiction, the egg is used directly on the skin to illicit a more intensive purification. The body progresses from a hunched, almost pained position, to an emerged upright embracement of the restored energetic state. Eggs are a symbol of transformational ritual used in Riojas' work, catalysts between a person who is and the person who is becoming. #selfportrait #photographer #photography #contemporaryart #limpia #cleansing #ritual #body #expression #longbeach #california #contemporaryartist #collection #permanantcollection

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A couple months into learning guitar and "Cura A Mi Madre" is coming along 🌿 I wrote this song for my mother as she was passing away last year and intended it as a medicine song for myself and for others. I love that I can now add some space and let the words, my voice, and the melody breathe as a slow prayer. 🌬Learning a new instrument takes so much time and patience and it's been a beautiful process so far! I'm looking forward to aligning my soul more and more with it and being able to share with the world. Many cheers on this Saturday afternoon! 🔆♥️ 🙌🏽 Lyrics to the full song: Cura a mi madre cura a mi madre cura a mi madre cura a mi madre Pacha mamma Pacha mamma Pacha mamma cura a mi madre Cura le la sangre Cura le el pelo Cura le la mente Cura le la piel Cura le el alma Cura le la espalda Cura le el pulmon Cura le el espiritu Pacha mamma Pacha mamma Pacha mamma cura a mi madre #guitar #music #medicine #song #cura #pachamama #mother #singer

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It's officially official! I'm so excited to be traveling to Belize then Guatemala with this beautiful man next month to witness the several thousand year old winter solstice ceremony at the great temples in Tikal with the Mayas 😻 ✨🙌🏽 overfilled with love and gratitude that we'll be able to walk the sacred lands and share in their prayers. Ōmeteotl @realization_nation and to many more! 🌿 #love #belize #guatemala #temple #ceremony #solstice #duality #prayer

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Having a fantastic night with Deliliah Montoya and Julia Barbosa Landois ♥️ just finished watching the ever wonderful performance artist Autumn Knight at The Match in Houston!

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Thank you all for coming to my impromptu performance tonight in my studio. I spoke streams of prayers into the clay and canvas, letting the materials hold and visualize the intention. 3 hours of body, mouth, hands, and mind in motion breathing and whispering healing words for the world, every fabric of life, our ancestors and passed loved ones. I hope everyone's Dia de Los Muertos was filled with love 🙏🏽 also: if you participated in my 2016 Dia de Los Muertos exhibition and submitted the name of your deceased loved one, know that I used your voices and that frequency soundscape for this performance and your loved ones were once again honored and prayed for - much love #performance #contemporary #artist #body #prayer