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This is the story of one of the bigger clusters out there. There is a lot of panic right now. It's a lot more contagious than the virus. The advice of the survivors: "Be socially responsible. And have Hope" ThanK YOU Pastor Wilson from Grace Assembly Of God Singapore for participating in this video. You are a source of hope. #standtogether #beingkashmiri #covid19 Video : @nasdaily

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You will be okay. Even on your darkest days, hope is not lost.⠀ ⠀ It’s so easy to forget the strength you have within you when life puts its heaviness on your shoulders. It’s so hard to hold onto hope, to believe in better days, to trust that fate and faith are on your side when everything is spiraling around you, seemingly so out of your control. It’s so scary to think that there’s a small chance you won’t be okay, that you’ll forever feel like this, that no one is on your side—but even when you feel powerless, you know that’s not the truth.⠀ ⠀ In the depth of your heart, in the furthest corner of your mind you know that there is a sliver of positivity. You know that in everything you’ve fought through, everything you’ve lost, every lesson you’ve learned, you’ve become stronger. And right now, no matter how heavy your soul feels, you must remember that hope still exists.⠀ ⠀ You must remember that you are stronger than you think, that you are loved, that you are cared for by family and friends and strangers and God, and that you are never alone.⠀ You need to look back at the places you’ve been and grown from, the people that have hurt you whom you’ve forgiven, the moments you didn’t think you could rise and yet did, the days you rolled out of bed faithless and purposeless but found your way, the times you almost gave up but didn’t.⠀ ⠀ It doesn’t matter so much that you’ve fallen into despair again, but that you acknowledge you’ve already overcome so much and thus capable of winning this current battle.⠀ ⠀ At the very core of your being lies strength, persistence, confidence, and the will to continue. Those feelings may be overshadowed by fear, doubt, and pain, but they are still there. You are still so capable of rising, of continuing, of fighting your way out of this darkness.⠀ ⠀ There is still hope. Words: @_marisadonnelly Photo: @aamirwani___

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If you are worried about your future, let me tell you what is waiting for you on the other side of all of this dark. There are going to be beautiful moments that connect you with just how alive you are. Moments that stop you quietly in your tracks, moments that wash over you like rain. There are going to be moments that define you, and challenge you, and shape you into the kind of person you have always wanted to be. There are going to be moments that demand your presence, awe inspiring moments that dizzy you, feelings you will not have the words to describe. It will be up to you to take these moments, to take these feelings, and to tuck them into yourself for safekeeping — to always hold them close within as a reminder of the beauty you are capable of experiencing, as a reminder of the light. There will be love. My god, there will be love. But it will take on many forms. You will come to learn that love was to be found, not just strung along the spine of someone who made hope pour from your fingertips, but in the melted hues of sunsets, and the smell of spring budding from the ground. You will come to find that love was to be found in the quietest of places, and in the chance encounters and the risks you took; it was to be found knotted within the laughter of your mother and crawling in the hope you experienced with someone who quickly became your favourite thing. But most importantly, you will come to find that love was always something you had within you — it was always just waiting for your permission to bloom, it was always just waiting for you to be kinder to yourself, softer to yourself, so that it could fully expand into the soul of you. Love was always something you were worthy of, was always something you deserved. If you are worried about your future right now, let this be your reminder — on the other side of all of this dark, is light. On the other side of all of this hurt, is hope. On the other side of all of this doubt, is belief. So please — don’t stop believing in your survival. Life still has so much left for you to experience, so much left for you to feel, and you are meant to feel it all. ✨ Photo : @itskadla Words : @rainbowsalt

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BeingKashmiri it's your chance to share your handful experiences during lockdown with the world , any tips you have for people how to spend time at home during lockdown , this lockdown is different we appeal everyone please stay home and stay safe. #covid19 #beingkashmiri #kashmirinlockdown

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For 263 Indians, who were stranded in Rome, Italy, amid the widespread coronavirus pandemic, Captain Swati Raval, commander of the Air India Boeing 777, was a ray of hope. She flew the Indian citizens back to Delhi on March 22, and became the first woman pilot to operate a rescue flight. She, along with Captain Raja Chauhan, were at the forefront of the rescue operation and their efforts garnered praises from all quarters, including Prime Minister Narendra Modi who applauded the Air India team for their astounding courage and efforts. Let's join hands in appreciation for the bravehearts, who are at the frontline of #covid19 global crisis. For them, let's stay indoors, follow social distancing, and keep ourselves and our loved ones safe. . Source : @feminaindia . #unstoppables #achievers #womenforwomen #womenpower #2020 #girlpower #beingkashmiri

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Aharbal, also known as "Niagara Falls of Kashmir", is a hill station in the south-western part of Kashmir Valley in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir, 75 km south of the state capital Srinagar. Aharbal is located on the Veshu River, a tributary of the Jehlum River, in analpine valley covered in pine and fir trees within the Pir Panjal Mountains, 14 km south of the town of Shopian and 28 km west of Kulgam. It lies at an altitude of 2266 metres above sea level. . . Photo & text : @syedgafeer1

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You deserve to fall in love with someone who makes you forget your heart was ever broken. Someone who manages to find all of your scattered shards in the many places they fell, and slowly stick them back together again, piece by piece. You won’t be the same as you were before, but you will finally feel whole again. You deserve someone who reminds you why nothing before this ever worked out. Why your heart had to break. Someone who quietly manages to replace most of your painful memories with beautiful ones. You deserve to fall in love again. You deserve to find someone who is content not being your first love, but praying they’ll be your last. Someone who restores your faith and makes you believe in everything all over again. In love, in the stars, and in yourself too. You deserve a love that lasts this time. You deserve someone who shows you that they love you every day. That they choose you. You deserve your happy ending. Someone who sticks around, and never plans on walking away. But most of all, you deserve someone who finally makes you see that the one who broke your heart is really the only one who ever lost anything. Words: @shanijaywriter Photo: @vikhnesh_padmakaran