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”I am no master, I know nothing but I am a servant & I know something”
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I was in Thailand with a fairly questionable rash on my leg. It was about 2am in LA (about 4pm in Thailand) as a means of last efforts before a trip to the ER I called @actionhiro seeking his medical opinion 😂 to which Hiro sleepily replied- Aubry, I was a surgeon, my advice is go to the doctor. Hiro- now that I’ve partnered with @steadyMD I promise I’ll never call you in the middle of the night with ridiculous medical questions again. With @steadymd I literally have a doctor in my pocket, and sure- in this case I probably would have still ended up in the ER, because the rash turned out to be a pretty gnarly infection. *But* the peace of mind and a second opinion from YOUR doctor (plus not bugging hiro at 2am) are worth everything when you are alone in another country! Did you know that @steadymd has a quiz to help pair you with a doctor that's right for you? • They will partner you with a doctor based on your medical needs, dietary preferences, lifestyle, etc. ✈️☀️ • Curious about what everyone's talking about with #SteadyMD? 🙏🏽 Click the link in my bio or visit to take the quiz in less than 2 mins! @SteadyMD has a quiz to help pair you with a doctor that's right for you! Swipe up to get paired with your perfect doc. Photo by @_photobird_

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San Diego yogi types 👋🏼 There‘s still space in my Strength in Vulnerability backbend workshop tomorrow (Sunday) from 11-1pm @trilogysanctuary in La Jolla 💚💚 New to backbends? Or maybe you’ve been practicing yoga for years and hit a plateau with your practice? This workshop is probably for you. Meaning, all levels are welcome- but an open mind is a must as we will be working with some challenging movement, not necessarily bending. I’m so freaking stoked to see you guys. I(love)you. Sign up now for a discount! link in bio. Xoxo

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Energy draws. We all do it. We energetically feed off one another. In any given situation there is a giver and a taker of energy. Between two people it can shift often. Some do it more than others and usually when our energy dips- we seek outwardly more often/actively. As I navigated out of being in a loving, committed relationship I consciously chose to energy draw from what we not so delicately refer to as “a rebound” - a classic aubry move. I feel it’s a solid option if you’re aware and feel ready to decipher everything that comes along with it AND communication is in place meaning both partners are on the same page. Oh. Oops. You’re actually an amazing human- but my heart is far from healed, what now? What now is trust. Communication. Patience. Time, time, time. Oh, did I say trust and communication? Anyway- what are your thoughts on taking time to heal vs healing through an energy draw? AND what happens if you end up really, really liking the person? Outfit from @aloyoga (sponsor) their new line came out recently!

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I’m SO thrilled for my backbend workshop this weekend @trilogysanctuary 💚💚💚 The title- Strength in Vulnerability is a fun play on words but what it means is- we’ll be focusing on the strength required for a backbend (almost more) just as much as we’ll be focusing on the flexibility. Are you coming? I can’t wait to meet you. I(love)you. Photo by @lukewooden w/ @tawnyjanae for @aloyoga

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My mantra used to be “I hate teaching” An ugly and untrue statement born of fear. I remember crying and shouting to an ex (who also taught yoga and was trying to encourage me to do something) about what a horrible teacher I was and how it was all a lie. See, an imposter syndrome had taken hold and it seemed like I’d never shake it. So many huge opportunities thrown my way, probably prematurely, simply because I have a large following here on the gram. For instance. Oh man. One time at lightning in a bottle a threw a fit and cried to @gypsetgoddess about how she’d just have to teach the class solo- I was out. I’d prep (stress out) for weeks before any public speaking event. It would fully consume me in the days prior. And moments before I was the LAST person who should be guiding anyone through anything. Except maybe a panic attack. Also. I have the funniest memory- some things never slip and others NEVER stick. So I’d teach from a notebook WORD FOR WORD. Obviously those classes probably weren’t my best and it took me a really long time, *until really recently actually* to progress pass a seemingly insurmountable fear. Now it just flows. I know I belong. I know I have a purpose. I know my love is pure. I know my intention is from the heart. I know my medicine is for some and of course, not for others. In Morocco, my favorite class was unplanned and I taught in my underwear. I channeled rather than trying to control. Tbh it was fucking profound yet totally imperfect. So hey- if you’re feeling like you’ll never get “there” you will. You will. You will. Keep going, trusting and loving. And working- hard. Photo by the unbelievably talented @mterrisphoto from my retreat in Morocco w/ @kaylala88 and @glowyogaretreats

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I’m teaching two workshops this month and I’d absolutely love to connect with you! One in San Diego and one in Denver. Let’s chat about SD real quick. What- Strength in Vulnerability, a backbend workshop. When- July 21 // 11am-1pm Where- At one of my favorite studios in San Diego, CA- @trilogysanctuary Pre sale tickets are $35 // $45 at the door! Tap the link in my bio. I’ll post about Denver soon. I love you guys!

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Instead of pretending to be something very important and believing you are nothing *which deep down, on some layer, we are all guilty of. Pretend you are nothing. Be humble. Find stillness and silence. Yet, know you are EVERYTHING. And even then- never take yourself or this dream too seriously. Swipe for contrast cause miss @tawnyjanae keeps it real AF and is crazy down to earth even though she’s legitimately one of the most powerful and beautiful humans I’ve ever spent time around. A real badass- the kind of human who doesn’t ever have to flex, because even her humble state blows most out of the water.

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3 weeks ago
I’ve always been pretty smitten with @tawnyjanae I’d seen her around the world of health and fitness for maybe 6 years? And TBH was fully intimidated by her. But after spending a concentrated amount of time over the last 3 days I’m in deep. The pep talks when I opened a text I shouldn’t have, the creative process of creating shapes, physically supporting (and dropping one another) deep belly laughs that make the whole room go quiet, open vulnerable conversation topics... Priceless. Tawney- I absolutely love you. Thank you for every second of your beautiful energy. Wearing @aloyoga

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No makeup, no filter, but a jackpot of a morning cause for the last week or so I’ve woken up looking pretty rough 😳 you know, the kind of morning where Face ID denies you access? Yea, that rough. Coming back from Morocco I was so tight and shredded. Light hearted and motivated. Day 1 of being back in the US my BF broke up with me and time in my world slowed waaaay down, I kept moving but it felt like I was swimming through molasses. I ate SO MUCH sugar I puffed up like a very tan Michelin man. I avoided some of the gnarlier self destructive habits I might have turned to in the past... like alcohol, which would have lead to isolation, which for sure would have lead to a bout of depression- but still that’s for another post. Ironic right? Sad because of someone, but better because of them? *My ex was the final straw on me cutting alcohol from my life entirely. So grateful. Anyway. I’ve also had this strange, probably energetic rash for about 1 month. About as long as I had been ignoring doubts and tensions regarding the relationship. In Morocco @kaylala88 pointed out that this happened once before, right around a funky partner situation that I took too long to end. This time it came and went, usually got worse in Hawaii 😳😬 but- day one of the shoot (Tuesday) I’m the most bloated I’ve ever been, the rash- at its very worst- inflamed, bleeding- all of the things. My mindset was way off- my self talk was so ugly and unsupportive. Let’s just say it was one of my more humbling days. Tuesday felt a something like truly hitting the bottom and realizing there is a trampoline down there. Wednesday felt like- bitch I’m soaring to the top. I’m so fucking far from the bottom. And always- my LA community has a way of lifting me up. Yesterday was incredibly cathartic. Everyone here is so tightly interwoven, talented, loving, motivating... I could go on foreveeeeerrrrr. So here’s a bathroom selfie. One and done. No makeup or filter. Decent lighting. 6am. Because today- I feel like me- light, powerful and incredibly soft. The rash is chillin. I’m overflowing with joy and I really want to remember this moment. Hey aubs, i fucking love you so much.

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At 31 I’m doing more than ever - between traveling, training for American @NinjaWarrior, running my own business and trying to change the world 🌎💚 I’m pushing myself physically, energetically and mentally.  Generally speaking, I'm fairly healthy and almost never go to the doctor- but more times than not I end up having questions and mysterious bug bites while TRAVELING! - That’s why I am SO excited to announce my partnership with @steadyMD. 🙏🏽 @SteadyMD is an online doctor service that pairs you with the doctor that is right for your specific medical needs, diet, lifestyle and goals - completely online. It's super convenient - No co-pays. No waiting rooms. Just unlimited access to a doctor who “gets” you. - I was looking for a doctor that takes a whole person approach, getting to the root cause of issues, not just treating symptoms. Someone that can not only help when I get sick, but proactively help keep me healthy long-term. Everything is connected and a “random rash” may not be so random. I needed a doctor who puts the pieces together and takes all things into account! • This is the kind of healthcare I want to support and advocate for—and I think YOU should hop on the train too! 🙃 Click the link in my bio or visit to take their 90 second quiz & get matched with a doctor!

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I(love)you- Only love exists between you and I. Color or black and white?