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Invented in 1948. Today, the lightest, strongest and most advanced portfolio of wheel solutions. Share your photos via #AlcoaWheels

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Real boots for real cowboys. Real wheels for real trucks. We are curious: what trucks do cowboys actually drive? Show us your cowboy trucks! #vintagead #alcoawheels #tbt

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New year, new to-do list: Be kinder to yourself and others. Be nicer to your truck. Be smarter about trucking. Be spec’ing #alcoawheels

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As the year comes to a close, we think about all we are grateful for, including our great customers and our wonderful #alcoawheels fans. We wanted to take a moment and thank you for your continued support, your great #trucking pictures, and for making this industry so great. We wish you a season of joy and continued success in 2019. Happy Holidays and our best wishes to you and your family from the team at Alcoa Wheels. #happyholidays #holidaysparkle #holidayspirit #trucking #truckers #wheels

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2 months ago
Did you know that the Alcoa wheels have a hub bore groove feature? The groove, recessed into the hub center bore, reduces the contact area where corrosion can built up by nearly 50%. Less corrosion results in easier wheel removal. Learn more from the wheel expert himself, Dave Walters, on our YouTube Channel or see link in our bio. . . . #trucking #maintenance #wheelwednesday #corrosion

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3 months ago
We take our decorating to the next level because that’s what happens when you have a forging design engineer in the house. Our carving kit has a wheel option. Is there anything better than this? #pumpkincarving #fall #wheels #trucking #truckerslife

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3 months ago
@upstaging_inc has red trucks, bright lights, and it hauls rock-n-roll. It also has multi talented truck drivers. Some are talented photographers like Joe Harrison @hi_def_life. Thanks to him the superstars look good onstage. For the rest of us at home, his work gives us a glimpse into a different side of the music scene; one that has trucks and roads, sunsets and sunrises, breathtaking views and beautiful people. Thanks Joe for putting the light on more than just the stages. #trucking #photography #alcoawheels #peterbilt #roadlife #tourlife #truckdriver

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We love seeing our wheels in the field withstanding the road conditions. If you have #durabright wheels don’t forget to check out the cleaning guide. No harsh solutions, just mild detergent. #factfriday #justsoapandwater #drive #rinse #repeat #Repost @buytruckwheels with @get_repost ・・・ @alcoawheels #durabrightEVO speak for themselves. This is one of the first sets we sold in October 2015 and they look just as good today as when they came out of the box. #soapandwater #nopolishingneeded #michelintrucktires #familytradition #builttolast