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2 months ago
CUTIE PIE 😍❤️❤️ ๑ ๑ ๑ ❀•Hashtags and credits•❀ #mysticmessenger #saeyoung #707 #yoosung #jaehee #v #jumin #saeran #ray #saeyoungchoi #jaeheekang #luciel #yoosungkim #lucielchoi #mysticmessengeryoosung #mysticmessengerzen #mysticmessengerjumin #mysticmessengerjaehee #mysticmessengersaeran #lucielchoi #mysticmessengersaeyoung #juminhan #saeranchoi #mm #rika #seven #hyunryu #mysticmessengerv #cheritz #jihyun @/credits to owner (if you know the owner please dm me or comment! (╹◡╹)♡)

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5 days ago
This happened last night 😭🙏 National Director literally smashed and my check sky rocketed and I almost had a heart attack 😭 I am so damn grateful. Shout out to my team @1kmilliteam I couldn’t have done this without you guys being in alignment. Major shout out to @coachstormy and @1000families for all of your leadership & for paving the way for woman like me who come from NOTHING. I want to thank my amazing supportive husband and kids for always cheering me on and pushing me saying you got this! But most importantly I want to thank the man above GOD. My lord and savior Jesus Christ for allowing this to happen. Never in my 30 years of life have I ever experienced success like THIS! I am beyond humbled, grateful and full of joy. Thank you @jack_t_fallon @tlchq for this amazing company I love you guys!! And listen GLOBAL is loading because one thing about me is I NEVER SETTLE! I always strive for more, more & more!!! Let’s get it!!!! National Director completed ✅ Life style bonus activated ✅

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1 year ago
이제 봄날씨라 너무 좋네요😆 봄 두팔벌려 환영합니다👐🏻👐🏻

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1 year ago
Update The last part of this chapter seemed like this series was about to end... hmm I’m getting a feeling something is gonna happen ʕ ͡° ʖ̯ ͡°ʔ Like reaching the climax? BUT this chapter was pretty heartwarming 🥺🥺🥺 Look at how happy Ethan is y’all Mike got himself a good man . . . Title: Midnight Rain By: Chongtak Chapter: 7 Link: azandynofansub on tumblr