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Instagram photo 4 months  ago

4 months ago
‫سعيدة لترشّح ⁧‫ #كل_الأشياء‬⁩ إلى القائمة الطويلة لجائزة الشيخ زايد - فرع المؤلف الشاب، وسعيدة أكثر بمعيّة الأصدقاء؛ سعود السنعوسي (ناقة صالحة)، ليلى عبدالله (دفاتر فارهو) وداليا تونسي (جزيرة الأوراق - أدب طفل). شكرًا للمحبة والتهاني الوارفة. ‬

Instagram photo 1 week  ago

1 week ago
In a way I feel that I dont have anything to post at the moment, I cant really pretend that everything is as it used to be, its not, and posting pics of my drawings feels, in a way, insignificant with all going on in the world. But, today I got a message from a person saying my coloring books kept her going through these rough days and it kept her spirits up and that made me soooo happy! I started thinking that if my art can help at least one person its all worth it, so, I will keep drawing and posting pics and I hope my posts will give some joy and inspiration to all of you out there! Take care and stay safe!💖🌟 #keepcolouring #hannakarlzon #coloring #art Pic from my coloring book The jewelry box.

Instagram photo 2 days  ago

2 days ago
--There is always a bright side in every situation as long we have a positive attitude towards things -- @egnatiaaviation EASA approved Maintenance Organization took advantage of the current suspension of training, due to the Covid-19 outbreak, and provided our fleet with extra maintenance procedures! So, thanks to our highly trained maintenance team, all of our @diamondaircraftind aircraft are more than ready to "get back to work" and fly for more than 5,000 hrs per month, as soon as things go back to normal! No matter the hard times we all experience, we should prepare to move on and emerge from this difficult situation. STAY TUNED, as "new things" are on the way!!! #FromAtoAirline #egnatiaaviation #flighttraining #pilotraining #aviation #aviationtraining #diamondaircraftind #aegeanairlines #wizzaircom #iraqi_airways_official #pilottraininglife #pilot #weflydiamondaircraft #UPRT

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14 hours ago
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