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TSR STAFF: Jade Ashley @Jade_Ashley94 _____________________________________ Christmas Day is quickly approaching, and before the day officially arrives, there are many places that are offering the opportunity to take photos with Santa Claus. However, sometimes it can be difficult for black parents to find a Santa Claus they can take their children to, who looks like them. However, one Texas mother was able to come up with a way to help solve that issue. _____________________________________ According to @cbsnews, last year #JihanWoods, who is a physician and a mother of twin boys, started a Kickstarter campaign to help fund her Black Santa locator app. She was able to raise $5,000 within a span of 30 days, and the result was an app called #FindBlackSanta, which lists Santas in 35 states, and Washington D.C. _____________________________________ Jihan talked about her development of the app and said, “I really wanted my children to see a Santa Claus that looks like them. It's important to me that—read more at (📸: @findblksanta)