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High Protein Zucchini Fudge Cookies 🍪 - I know most people hide veggies in their food so they can’t taste them, but I hide veggies in my food so my family don’t look at me like “steph really, you’re eating ANOTHER zucchini?!?!”. - Whatever your agenda, the more veggies and chocolate in your diet, the better. So here’s a recipe for you 🙋🏼 - Ingredients: ▪️30g almond meal ▪️30g oat flour (oats blended into flour, or any flour of choice) ▪️50g @happywayau Choc Pea Protein powder ▪️30g dark chocolate, melted ▪️100g zucchini, grated and squeezed of excess liquid ▪️10g honey (or use agave/rice malt syrup for a vegan version!) ▪️2 tsp cacao powder ▪️1tsp baking soda - Method: 1️⃣Preheat oven to 180 degrees celcius. 2️⃣In a large mixing bowl, add grated zucchini (drained of excess fluid! I squeezed the liquid out of mine using paper towel!), oat flour, almond meal, pea protein. baking soda and cacao powder. Stir to combine dry ingredients together. 3️⃣Pour in the honey/syrup and melted chocolate. 4️⃣Using your hands, start to work with the mixture to form a dough, adding small drops of water or extra syrup as necessary to bind the mixture with enough liquid (note: you don’t want too much otherwise it’ll become soggy!). 5️⃣Continue to squeeze and mould the dough until you can start to form it into balls 6️⃣Roll mixture into 8 even sized balls and place on baking paper. Flatten softly. 7️⃣Bake for 15-20 minutes, and allow to cool on a cooling rack to firm up before eating! - ✅Serves: 8 cookies (30g each) ✅Macros per cookie: 88 cals, 4F/6C/7P