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1 month ago
🇺🇾 🇧🇷 🇦🇷 Flamengo e Boca Juniors disputam contratação do uruguaio Facundo Pellistri. Segundo informações do jornal espanhol As, o meia-atacante do Peñarol é tratado como uma das principais promessas uruguaias das últimas gerações. Atualmente, a cláusula contratual do meia está estipulada em US$ 15 milhões. ⚠️O jovem tem apenas 24 jogos como profissional e 1 gol marcado. ⚠️Clubes da Espanha, Itália e Inglaterra também estão interessados no atleta. 🇺🇾 Pellistri - 18 anos 💵🇧🇷 84 milhões 💶🇪🇺 14 milhões 💷🇬🇧 12 milhões #FacundoPellistri #Pellistri #CAPeñarol #Peñarol #Penarol #CRFlamengo #Flamengo #Fla #Mengão #CABocaJuniors #BocaJuniors #Xeneize #Brasileirão #SuperligaArgentina #PrimeraDivision

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2 months ago
*concerned sweating* haha

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3 months ago
🔹 I wanted to followup to a recent post where I said “bad” posture does’t cause pain __ ▪️ It’s been ingrained in us that for health, pain, function, etc. it’s best to have “perfect” 👨‍💻posture. However, defining what that “perfect” posture is, is surprisingly tricky as I expand on in the slides above __ 🔹 Not only is defining perfect posture tricky... forcing people to fit into those boxes of what we deem as “perfect” posture or movements can cause problems and do the -exact- opposite 🙅‍♂️ of what we are trying to accomplish by doing so. Every person is an individual with different body shapes, health conditions, etc. and the best posture for them likely isn’t best for their neighbor with a different health profile & body shape __ 🔹 In reality there is no true “perfect”, one-size-fits-all posture, position, movement pattern. At best we have patterns that are more and less optimal for certain tasks & body types. Read the slides above for a more in depth explanation __ ❗️Two other things I didn’t have space to hit on above are __ 1️⃣ Posture is not as simple as some mix of strength+mobility=a certain posture. If you’ve ever gone on a date & started out with closed off body posture or cross your arms when you’re uncomfortable you intuitively know this. In this vein there’s actually pretty good literature finding an association between posture and mood - to my knowledge actually more than any finding a relationship between posture and strength __ 2️⃣ Our ability to accurately assess someone’s movement pattern is actually pretty awful. Experienced examiners can’t agree how someone is moving. Which makes sense – human eyesight isn’t phenomenal. This means that even if we could all agree on a –perfect- posture or way to move we have a difficult time actually identifying when people aren’t moving quite that way unless it’s really overt - or fails the “puke” test __ ▪️This is a hefty post, but hopefully it gets you thinking & explains where I’m coming from when I say posture it’s as important as we traditionally thought __ 👫 Tag a friend who could use this & thanks for reading! 👍

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1 month ago
・ リモート鴨キャン🦆 予定していたグルキャンがこの状況で延期になり みんなで流行りのZOOM飲み🍻 3時間ぶっ続けでも話題は尽きず、、 笑いすぎで頬が痛いw ベランダで @yauchi1982 の鴨肉を焼いて おうちキャンプも楽しめた😍 クール便ですぐに送ってくれた さん ありがとうございました‼️ 鴨、めちゃうまでした🤤 ほんとキャンプ仲間って最高🤣 またみんなでキャンプ行ける日が来ますように✨ #リモート鴨キャン #stayhome #おうちアソビ #zoom飲み #おうちキャンプ #solol #hxodesign #tarptotarp #campgear #outdoors #outdoor #snowpeak #helinox #camphack取材 #campzine掲載希望 #hinataoutdoor #キャンプ #家キャン #ベランピング #camp #camping #oicamp #kizokucamp #camp2020 #instagramjapan #ギアスト #貴族ギア #gearstockcrew @__gearstock__