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Instagram photo 3 months  ago

3 months ago
Sebagai pelindung Adek bayi, ibu selalu memberikan SUN cium penuh kasih sayang. Tak hanya memberikan #kasihsun cium, memasuki usia siap makan, Adek bayi juga ibu siapkan bubur SUN yang mengandung Esenutri. Esenutri adalah kandungan gizi makro dan mikro seimbang untuk bantu tumbuh kembang optimal Adek Bayi. Bubur SUN dengan Esenutri yang tinggi zat besi, 11 vitamin, 6 mineral, dan serat pangan inulin sangat dibutuhkan Adek bayi untuk mengoptimalkan tumbuh kembangnya selama 1000 hari pertama kehidupan loh bu. So, jangan lupa selalu kasih SUN ya bu, penuhi sayangnya, penuhi nutrisinya. Ibu sudah #KasihSUN hari ini? @kasihsun @mombloggercommunity #kasihsunxmbc

Instagram photo 2 months  ago

2 months ago
A large group of Black-capped capuchins (Sapajus macrocephalus) slowly moves about camp at @lpac_peru foraging as they travel. It’s amazing to photograph monkeys that aren’t (too) afraid of humans because their habitat is protected from hunting (and they grown accustomed to researchers following them about observing them). Photo @suarezjess #capuchinmonkey #capuchin #blackcappedcapuchin #sapajus #sapajusmacrocephalus #monkey #primate #monkeysofinstagram #primatology #fieldwork #research #primateresearch #explore #discover #conservation #conservationphotography #rainforest #amazonrainforest #wildlife #wildlifephotography #amazonwildlife #peruwildlife #monkeyphotography #primatephotography #naturephotography

Instagram photo 9 months  ago

9 months ago
. . 雨のニュースが多いのでこの前撮った青空で‼︎ 敦くんは青空が似合う気がしてぱしゃり♡♡ . 月下獣だけど、頑張り屋さんの敦くんは太陽の元でずっと笑っていて欲しいです‼︎ . #文豪ストレイドッグス #文豪ストレイドッグス好きと繋がりたい #文スト #文スト好きな人と繋がりたい #文ストクラスタさんと繋がりたい #中島敦 #敦くん #でも太宰さん推し #

Instagram photo 2 weeks  ago

2 weeks ago
Did you see our #AtHomeWithBarilla Risoni risotto cooked by @alexpavoni on the weekend ? We've got the recipe so you can taste it for yourself. INGREDIENTS for 2-3 serves: 250g Barilla Risoni 1.25 litres Prawn Stock 1 pinch saffron threads, added to 100ml dry white wine 50ml extra virgin olive oil 2 golden shallots, finely diced Salt flakes, to taste 2 zucchinis, trimmed and diced 8 green prawns, peeled, de-veined, and quartered, shells reserved for stock 45g butter ¼ bunch flat-leaf parsley, leaves only STOCK Prawn shells and heads 1 white onion, halved 1 carrot, roughly chopped 1 leek, washed and roughly chopped 1 stick celery, roughly chopped 1 tomato, roughly chopped A few parsley stalks 1½ tbsp salt flakes Zucchini trimmings 1.5 L water TO COOK: 1. Make prawn stock by crushing prawn shells and heads in a saucepan. Add the remaining ingredients and bring to the boil, then reduce heat and simmer for 20 minutes, skimming occasionally to remove any froth. Remove from heat and set aside for 30 minutes. Pass through a sieve, pressing down to extract as much liquid as possible. Discard solids and keep liquid warm on a low heat. 2. Heat oil in a large fry pan over medium heat. Add shallots and a good pinch of salt and cook for 5 minutes, stirring occasionally, until tender but not coloured. 3. Add the Risoni and stir for 2 minutes, until well coated in oil and quite hot. Then, add zucchini and stir for 1 minute. Add wine and saffron, reduce heat, and shake the pan occasionally, rather than stirring, until wine has absorbed. 4. Add enough stock to just cover the Risoni. Shake pan to combine ingredients and leave the Risoni to cook for 12-14 minutes, stirring occasionally, adding more stock as necessary to keep the Risoni covered, adjusting the heat so that it is just simmering. After 14 minutes, make sure the stock has evaporated but pasta still has moisture and is cooked. 5. Remove from heat, cover, and set aside for 1 minute. Add prawns, butter, parsley, and salt and stir vigorously, adding more stock if necessary, the risotto should have the texture of a thick soup. 6. Spoon onto flat plates, tapping gently to flatten and serve immediately.

Instagram photo 2 months  ago

2 months ago
لطفاً ورق بزنید دوستای خوبم😍 @Tandis_luster 🤔🤔🤔 طرفدارای سبک #دکوراسیون_کلاسیک با #لوستر_لاکچری کجان؟ چونکه الان وقت انتخابه. یه دنیا لوستر زیبا و شکوهمند برنجی براتون گذاشتم تا راحت انتخاب کنید. میشه کارها رو کمی تغییر داد تا مطابق سلیقتون بشه. شما کدوم کار رو میپسندید؟😍😍😍 . . @Tandis_luster 🤔😮😉نگران انتخاب مدل، رنگ و تعداد شاخه نباشید، بهتون مشاوره رایگان میدن. مشاورشونم از دانشگاه تهران مدرک طراحی داخلی داره🤔😉 . . @Tandis_luster 💖💖💖عروسای گلم یه تخفیف ویژه، با قیمت تولیدی بدون واسطه مخصوص شما عروس خانم‌های عزیز💖💖💖 . . @Tandis_luster یه دنیا #لوسترمدرن و اسپورت ؛ #لوستربرنز و #لوستربرنجی؛ #آویز های متنوع؛ #آینه_کنسول و #شمعدان و البته با ۵ سال ضمانت شرکتی . . @tandis_luster 🌍هم فروش حضوری دارن و هم غیرحضوری🌍 🚚به تمام شهرهای کشورمون هم ارسال دارند. @tandis_luster . . 🌍این نشانیشونه: بازار لوستر ابوسعید، ابتدای ۱۵خرداد غربی، کوچه عطار، بازار لوستر مریم، پلاک ۱ (فانتزی) و ۳ (برنجی) و ۶ (بلوری و اس‌ام‌دی)🌍 تلفن مستقیم فروشگاه: ۰۲۱۵۵۵۹۶۵۲۶ تلفن سفارشات: ۰۹۳۵۴۸۸۹۴۱۲ @tandis_luster . . 💖💖💖یه پیج دوم هم دارن جهت #آینه_کنسول و #شمعدان و انواع #آویز و #استند_کنار_سالنی و #آباژور که اینه👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇 . . @tandis_luster2 اگر خوشتون اومد حتما دوستاتونو منشن کنید😘😘😘

Instagram photo 1 day  ago

1 day ago
Here’s some highlights from the week: Had a few @mortoncollegevb players out gettin ready to be back practicing together - @maya.0719 @carlydholden @jasminevaltierraa Had a lower body, upper body, and a movement day with a bunch of things they haven’t been able to do since the shutdown. @k_nov76 throwing around weights as usual getting stronger, faster, and quicker everyday with movement drills and weights. Kev’s been working with me now for a month and has put on a considerable amount of strength, speed, muscle mass and increased jump height, as well as very close to being 225 which is 5lbs away from his goal weight. Grats and keep it goin 💪 @quisteneyes who is back training with me - she’s been training with me consistently for 3 years up until covid happened. Good to see her back, workin hard, doin her favorite day, Leg day. It’s easy to work with people who want to get better and push themselves, who take coaching, and who do the things outside of the training sessions to make themselves better. There’s a lot of problems we have to face right now. I don’t have a perfect answer. But what I do know is that we can all strive to be better versions of ourselves, be better human beings, that will have an impact on those around us, this is something we all can do to make a difference. Make a difference starting with yourself. Be an influence. Small steps end up making big differences. #trtsc #regress #regenerate #strengthen #adapt #conquer #strength #strengthtraining #strengthandconditoning #speed #explosive #explosiveness #agility #quickness #football #basketball #baseball #volleyball #softball #wrestling #mma #combatsports #mortoncollege #coachesvscovid19 #consistency #athletic #battle #grow #bethebestyou #betogether

Instagram photo 4 months  ago

4 months ago
🖤💋🖤💋🖤💋🖤💋🖤 . フリマ終わりに相方ちゃんと 2人でプチ打ち上げ🍻💕 . 一回帰って着替えてまた合流したんだけど 2人とも相手の服装見てビックリ😳😳😳 . 打ち合わせなしで ニット帽とアウタードン被り🤪❤️← . 「やだーーーー」「やばーい」と 騒がしいうちら😂❤️💕ww . こんな綺麗に被ることある?w さすが、相方です!!!!!!💋 . . 今年のうちらのテーマは 『バカになれ!!!!!』 2人で騒ぎ散らかして激しく楽しむ 1年にしたいと思ってます💓 . 今年も1年よろしく!!!!相方!!!!!! @yayoi_n_ . . . #ねもまにゃ