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Instagram photo 3 days  ago

3 days ago
@alextilleyski had a fantastic season this year, fighting her way back into the @fisalpine World Cup Top 30, and it was an honour to be a part of her journey, plus have the opportunity to have her train alongside some of the next generation of @gbsnowsport athletes coming through the academy. Here’s to next season! - #Repost @alextilleyski with @get_repost ・・・ Just some footage of me not coming to terms with the fact the season is over... It was a big year, some great moments sandwiched by some of the biggest tests I’ve ever faced. But we made it out alive and so far healthy, so I’m going to count it as a victory. Being back in the top 30 was a goal for me this season so I’m happy with that. Although I feel I was capable of more, I’ll use that to stay hungry for next year. Massive thanks to @quinn_estates for sticking by me and making this year possible, same goes to @teamevolutionracing . I really don’t know that I could have been on skis without you this year! And IYSF for your support too! Also a massive thanks to @baxternoel for working his butt off this year, and @tadejpl for keeping the @dynastarskis in order! Stay healthy kids! Hope to see you next year! - #HippoMotorGroup #HippoPrestige #Reiteralm #AnotherBestDay #WSF

Instagram photo 1 month  ago

1 month ago
🥰 memories 🧙‍♀️ ..❤️hope everyone is enjoying the show. It still feels strange not seeing these (and all the ones not in this pic) lovely faces everyday ... #theworstwitch #childactor #lapeorbruja #memories #onset #lifechangingexperience #mixedraceactor #cbbc #littlewitch #witchvibes @dagnyrollins @annette.rtf.hannah @billieboulletofficial @ynezwilliams @saoirseaddison #felicityfoxglove #mabeltapioca #azuramoon #izzypeppercorn #fenellafeverfew #beatricebunch #lucianaakpobaro #ttakids #cacklesacademy

Instagram photo 2 weeks  ago

2 weeks ago
Just a tennis ball next to a grape🥎😂