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🧠 Often we have so many ambitious ideas in our mind, but we lack the necessary energy and hunger to implement these visions. We just can’t get started with doing what we need to do. It’s a daily struggle and vicious circle that we simply cannot seem to get away from. Even a physical achiever like myself and others know how difficult it is to keep our motivation at a constant high level. You’re not alone, remember that. ☝🏼 Every one of us has to figure it out. Any one whose had physical success has had to figure out their own way that works for them. But the only way to figure it out is to start. Just start. . ⭐️ Figure out your goal, right it down, set a time frame, take before photos and measurements, put those photos somewhere you can see them as a daily reminder of your goal, check in with yourself or your trainer, find support, surround yourself with motivators, distance yourself from enablers of bad habits, make it fun, and be positive about the process! But most of all, have a plan! If you don’t have a plan, it’s not going to work. Start a workout program and/or meal plan that can guide you and show you what you need to do. Accountability is a very important thing to stay on track. ———————————————— If you struggle with motivation then friiiieeeend you NEED to do my workout programs in @the_cartelle app! They’re the perfect solution for you. For information on those you can click the link in my bio or visit

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. 撮影でした〜📸 アイドルはラグジュアリーな空間で更に映えます✨✨ スーツ七原イケメンだな、おい🕺 . #japan #東京ホスト #新宿ホスト #歌舞伎町ホスト #kabukicho #ホスト #clubgold #ゴールド #カリスマホスト #七原柊也 #オシャレ #お洒落 #アイドルやねん #憧れてまーす #イケメンだらけ #イケメン男子 #スーツ #beauty #selfie_time #friends #instagood #handsome #boys #instacool #instacute #swag #instalike #humbsupback #インスタ映え #いいねした人で気になった人フォロー

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5 days ago
🔹 Freedom Bridle 🔹 Part I⠀ ⠀ This unique Stübben bridle respects your horse’s anatomy and biomechanics. The hinged cheek pieces allow for a wider field of vision while the headstall and browband clear all sixteen ear muscles. No pressure is exerted on any nerves or veins providing free movement of the ears. The special position of the headstall and throat latch keep the horse‘s sensitive areas in the neck and the throat free from pressure also. The horse has the opportunity to fully unfold its natural joy in moving. ⠀ Our Freedom bridle comes standard with a combined noseband and with Stübben’s innovative removable flash system.⠀ There is also a MagicTack version ⠀ ____________________________________⠀ Der Stübben Trensenzaum “Freedom” ist einzigartig und überzeugt mit seinem innovativen Konzept.⠀ ⠀ Die anatomischen Eigenschaften sowie die Biomechanik des Pferdekopfes werden durch den Freedom Zaum berücksichtigt. Es werden die empfindlichen Gesicht und Ohren Nerven entlastet und ein uneingeschränktes Sichtfeld ermöglicht.⠀ Die durch herkömmliche Trensen häufig verursachten Stressfaktoren werden vermieden und somit kann die Bewegungsfreude und Einsatzbereitschaft des Pferdes erhalten werden.⠀ ⠀ Unser Freedom Trensenzaum ist als kombiniertes Reithalfter sowohl mit Leder, als auch mit MagicTack Stirnband erhältlich. Das spätere Austauschen des Stirnriemens ist jedoch nicht möglich, da es ein fester Bestandteil des Kopfstücks ist. Dafür ist es möglich bei der MT Version die Inlays zu wechseln! ⠀ ⠀ 📸 @oh_my_horses @alesya_safe⠀ ⠀ #stübben #innovation ⠀⠀ #stübbenfreedom #freedombridle #anatomical #bridle#ebonyrose⚜️ #лошадьхурма⠀⠀ #freedomzaum #equestrian #stuebben #equestrianequipment#horseofinstagram #horselover #ootd #outfitoftheday #pfedeliebe