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17 hours ago
New @paddockoncrown Summer menu is here! My recommendation? The halo is yummy and fun to eat. The soba is seriously good. . 🍠Paddock halo (bowl for two). 🐔Confit chicken. 🐮Braised brisket bruschetta. 🍝Soba noodle salad. 🍑Grilled peach salad. 🍮Paddock flan. 🍨Paddock halo (single serve). . . . #paddockoncrown #summermenu

Instagram photo 16 hours  ago

16 hours ago
Sometimes we confuse ‘belonging’ you can buy with ‘belonging’ you actually need. Long hours are worked, to buy new items that we can barely afford, to impress people we don’t know .... then we wonder why we are not feeling fulfilled or happy. A huge part of advertising is to make us feel like there is a gaping hole in our life, that once filled will give us happiness. . With regards purchasing I’d suggest you think hard about every item you buy and your motives for purchase. I try to buy for 3 main reasons. . 1) there is a clear, practical purpose that needs fulfilling. Where this is the case I buy as high a quality product I can afford and hope it will last years. Examples would be yoga clothes, rucksacks and laptop. . 2) I can eat it or drink it . 3) it will bring me some kind of lasting ‘joy’; to steal that term from @mariekondo . It’s items in this category that I think hard and long about, sometimes taking me months to decide. Examples would be; iPad, musical instruments, general clothes. . There more categories than this, of course, but my big tip is to question ‘why’ and find belonging from the people around you and the things you do, rather than the things you buy. . Today @triyogauk - 2.30pm Shoreditch, 5pm Camden, 7.45pm Soho. . 📷 @yogaandphoto wearing @ohmmeapparel

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8 hours ago
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2 days ago
(센텔라스카연고) . 심한 트러블로 고생중이신 분들이나 트러블 후 생긴 상처나 흉터가 사라지지 않았던 분들을 위해 순한 연고제 추천드려요~ 크림이라고 생각하면 양이 작아보이지만 얇게 펴서 바를수있는 연고기 때문에 양이 적은편이 아니라 오히려 대용량이라고 생각드실거에요. 특히 유분감없이 발려지니 아침에 발라도 찝찝하지 않답니다! . . . #재생크림 #재생크림추천 #재생연고 #트러블진정 #여드름흔적 #여드름흔적크림 #여드름연고 #여드름흉터제거 #여드름자국 #여드름자국치료 #연고크림 #트러블피부 #트러블피부관리 #트러블피부화장품 #트러블케어