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2 weeks ago
فروش، اجاره و سفارش دوخت زیباترین لباس های مجلسی، عروس و نامزدی 💫در مزون عروس ماه بانو💫 🏩کرج ،فردیس،فلکه سوم ،پایینترازکانال،مزون عروس ماه بانو ☎026-36509171 📱09039621703 . . . . . . #ماه_بانو #مزون_ماه_بانو #karaj #کرج #مزون_عروس #مزون #لباسعروس #لباسمجلسی #لباس_نامزدی #عروس #لباس_عروس_شیک #دوخت_لباس_عروس #لباس_عروس_تک #کرایه_لباس_عروس #لباسنامزدی_عقد #لباسعروس_خاص_ژورنالی #لباس_عروس_کرج

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3 weeks ago
Préparation du #8mars2020 👉Venez chercher vos affiches ou télécharger les ! ✊Vous êtes prêtes ? Pour les manifs de ce week-end je vais faire une distribution d’affiche gratuite pour celles qui veulent. Sinon vous pouvez aussi les télécharger et les imprimer vous même! 👉 La distribution c’est vendredi de 14h30 à 19h00 au @letankparis ( Paris 11e) 22 bis rue des taillandiers 👉pour les télécharger c’est sur Le lien est dans la bio de @gangduclito - #feminism #feminisme #8mars #affiche #slogan #feminist #jesuisfeministe

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8 months ago
“Life’s all about balance” they say.⠀ -⠀ True....⠀ BUT if it weren’t for the extremes that I’ve been through, I wouldn’t have the success that I do now.⠀ ⠀ My 1st competition prep was extreme. Lots of cardio, minimal calories and lots of restriction. But it’s that extreme situation that led me to finding my passion that is now my career. It’s also what led me to the realization that trying to eat clean 100% of the time isn’t realistic and causes negative relationships with food.⠀ ⠀ I’ve had to put in an extreme amount of hours to get my business up and running, and now that I’ve spent so much time and diligence putting systems in place, I can have more balance in my weekly routine.⠀ ⠀ My husband chooses to work an extreme amount of hours and travels an extremely large amount of the time. But it’s because of all his work travel that we’ve been able to have so many extravagant vacations so it all balances out (thanks to all of airline & hotel points 🙌🏼).⠀ ⠀ Don’t become so obsessed with finding balance, that you forget to live and learn a little too.⠀ ⠀ *It’s the extremes that lead you to finding your balance.*⠀