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5 months ago
____🍜____🍅____🍜____🍅____🍜___🍅___ Naruto Uzumaki🍜 Sasuke Uchiha🍅 ° ° ° ( #subtitle) The real loser is the one who does not admit defeat .../Credits to artists 👤🎨] ° ° ° ° _____🍜ignore tags🍜_____ _____🍅_____🍅_____🍅______ #Uzumaki #Sasuke #Rasenshuriken #Thefourthwarninja #TheheroofKonoha #brothersofties #Uchiha #Thebrothersfromanothermother #dream #Susanoo #friends #feelings #Thefoxwithninetails #team7 #ilovemyfollowers #Ilovethem #Hogake #Chidori #prilaga #hope #believe #Naruto #Hogakeofshadows #Theavengeroftheshadows #pretty #Believeinyourself #Rasengan #Sharingan

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3 months ago
Terimakasih #chameleontesti Canvas Rug (Bahan kanvas tebal busa 1.2 cm lapis antislip) Uk S 100 x 150 ; 265.000 Uk M 150 x 150 ; 390.000 Uk L 200 x 150 ; 465.000 Shopee : WA 082115990789

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5 months ago
💭 مدل های خاص دكوريكور دستبند انگشتر مروارید نگین زیرکنیا اتریشی آبکاری طلا رنگ سيلور مدل Great Gatsby Bracelet B291 قيمت ۴۲۰٠٠٠ تومان ❌Sold outtt... 📞براى سفارش ميتوانيد به ٠٩١٩٤٤٨٩١٩٧ واتس اپ، تلگرام يا مسيج بدهيد يا از سايت ما خريد آنلاين كنيد 💭 هزينه ارسال ٨٠٠٠ تومان 💭٧٢ ساعت ضمانت پس گرفتن 💭خريد از سايت / اپليكيشن = ١٠٪ تخفيف #B291 #دكوريكور_دستبند #دستبند

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5 days ago
Любовь... . Вот что такое любовь? А может ее и нет вовсе🤔 может это просто привычка? . А те самые бабочки в животе.... . А волнение при виде любимого человека 🤗 и пусть вы прожили в браке 6 лет 😘 . Вот для меня скажу честно любовь это что то непонятное....не могу я объяснить что это и как это! . Но могу сказать одно, я очень счастлива что у меня есть это чувство, я люблю и любима! И мне кажется это самое главное в жизни ♥️ .

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1 week ago
the First Nile Boat is set to be Cairo’s newest culinary and lifestyle location. Accessible from the Nile Street via a contemporary, carefully-designed dock area that exudes simplistic luxury, as guests enter the boat they will be greeted by a perfect blend of textures, light and dark hues of the genuine teak wood floor, modern light fixtures and wall fittings that warmly welcome everyone into this uncompromising world of that exudes luxury, taste and lifestyle. The project offers two culinary destinations. Situated on the ground floor, Xodó offers a Brazilian ambience. It is led by Chef Guilherme Reis. ‘Xodó’ is the Portuguese word for an expression of a feeling of love.Popular appetisers and salads include the bolinha de quejo, a deep fried pastry filled with a blend of mozzarella, blue cheese and chili; paõ de alho grelhado, grilled garlic bread with chicken liver pate; and salata de horta com camaraõ, fajita-marinated prawns, greens, goat cheese crumbles, red onions and caramelised walnuts with raspberry vinaigrette. Walk into Nairu, offering some of Asia’s most exotic cuisines. It is led by Chef Mohamed Nazlan. The restaurant features an eight-seat robatayakistation offering dishes grilled to perfection by Nairu’s chefs; head over to the opposite side of the restaurant to watch the expert and passionate sushi chefs masterfully create some of the most original, vivid and luscious sushi plates in the capital. Chef Nazlan’s signature dishes include the bao buns, steamed soft buns glazed with soy lemongrass beef short ribs and chili pickles; coconut curry tumeric chicken; crispy calamari with soy garlic coriander sauce; and sagi gula melaka for dessert – chilled tapioca pearl on ice, palm sugar, coconut cream and caramel coconut ice cream. . . . . . . #hotelierswithpassion #hoteliere #honeymoonhotel #hotelierstories #fourseasons #fourseasonhotel #fourseasonsmaui #chefsalert #chefporn #chefswords #chefchioma #cheftalk #chefclub #chef💯