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SSM: Modern tank ihtiyacımıza cevap vermek üzere geliştirilmiş Altay tankının 250 adedinin seri üretim işi ve Altay tankına milli güç grubu geliştirilmesi işi için İcra Komitesinde alınan kararla BMC A.Ş. ile sözleşme görüşmelerine başlanacak. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- @savunmasanayii --------------------------------------------------------------------------- #tümosan #aselsan #fnss #havelsan #roketsan #tai #tusaş #tei #akınsoft #nurol #katmerciler #mkek #stm #baykar #alphavacılık #TDU #vestel #yoncaonuk #milsoft #kalehavacılık #aydınyazılım #tübitak #tübitakmam #türkiye #azerbaycan #pakistan #birlik #beraberlik #barış

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4 days ago
این روزهــــایم به تظاهر می گذرد... تظاهر به بی تفاوتی، تظاهر به بی خیـــــالی، به شادی، به اینکه دیگــــر هیچ چیز مهم نیست... اما . . . چه سخت می کاهد از جانم این "نمایش #بی_ارزش #بی_تفاوت #بی_خیالی

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8 months ago
(I'm studying welding and steel fabrication in a training program for the unemployed. And I love it!) Anyway. These are full length 3.2mm OK48.00 rods (450mm long) rods, that have been ignited once to bridge then discarded. (They cost about 40€ a packets of 124). Sometimes if I am too lazy to sign out a fresh packet I just go to the waste bin and gather about a bucketful of these and return to my booth. They are perfectly functional and dry, to ignite perfectly without issues! And everyone gets taught the first lesson how to reignite and burn these to a stump (I can personally do down to 30mm). And the supervising teachers get really annoyed about this waste, but no matter how much the yell to their teams it doesn't seem to stop. This doesn't affect my life in anyway, but the waste still annoys me greatly. Well at least they get sent to recycling but still... most of the students in the school just don't give a single fuck. But positive development has happened since they last time had a moment to yell to everyone, they stopped bending the rods before discarding them so they could be used. *This seems to be the only thing some people know how to do there, but I won't go in to that with much detail.

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1 week ago
Vrås raggen gick