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You all know about #artwatchers, right? Evelyn Richter seems to be the first photographer who made this a thing. A trip to #Moscow in 1957 was the real trigger for #EvelynRichter’s photography. The cause was a technical defect, but it proved to be decisive for her future work: Her medium-format camera failed to function, and switching to a portable, small-format camera opened the door to a new and more spontaneous technique. Besides, during the visit she discovered a new theme by observing #peopleinmuseums. __________________ Please post your photos from June 25 to July 16 using the hashtag #farawayassignment. The three best photos will be chosen by the photographers @TobiasZielony and @HeidiSpecker and by @thisaintartschool. An exhibition catalogue is waiting for the three winners. #farawayfocus #fotografierteferne #berlinischegalerie #thisaintartschool